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Is home decoration a problem? Well, forget about all that hassle. HomeCoutoure is the best furniture wholesaler in Hollywood, and we are here to help you give a contemporary, stylish, minimalist and classy touch to your home!

Our unique way of combining cutting-edge technology and materials with revolutionary design has helped us create a top commercial brand for ensuring indoor and outdoor furniture that not only pleases the eye but also create an optimized living environment.

With years of experience in furniture design, we understand that home decoration takes more than a shopping trip to the furniture store, we create state-of-the-art pieces that make a difference.

Our classy ideas for a contemporary home and garden

Chairs, sweaters, loungers, stools, armchairs & sofas

The HomeCouture commercial brand is all about quality and comfort, and that’s why we take furniture design to the next level by creating outdoor furnishings that enhance your experience in every way. With this in mind, our designers have combined the most enduring and light-weight materials like ice-white, powder-coated aluminum (which although rustproof if powder-coated becomes larger-than-life, we guarantee it!) with sunproof fabric. Because Hollywood is all about style, you need the color to stay not fade away with torrential rains or roasting heat!  The aluminum frame is perfectly lined with polyester microparticles, which perfectly blends with the aluminum shade and comes in a riot of colors that range from light gray to bright hues of blue or orange.  Because at HomeCouture nothing is out of sight, every piece of furniture has been designed with the shape of the human body in mind. Although we’re all different in shape, the HomeCouture loungers, stools, sofas, chairs, and armchairs are one-size-fits-all. Regardless of your body shape, you’ll feel fantastic sitting in any of these enjoying a drink and a good book or simply lazing in the sun. Cushions are both decorative and useful accessories, colorfully finishing the whole while making you feel comfier.

Want to give your home sweet home a vintage touch? Have a look at our Art Nouveau-resembling silvery aluminum frame chairs lined with bright green and blue polyester microparticle-based finishing. Must haves in every stylish home! The good news is you can find all these in our Hollywood store. Open from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday thru Friday, our commercial center, and showroom is located in the heart of Hollywood and is easily accessible from the main road so you can’t miss it!


If you want to have a superstar home, we help you do it! Our outdoor coffee and dining tables are indispensable, stylish and easy-to-carry items that perfectly complete the picture (be it your backyard, patio or by the pool). Additionally, we created our furniture to be fashionable and functional, so we made it easy-to-carry and easy-to-store. So if storing your garden furniture as soon as the hot days are gone has always caused you some trouble, now you can forget about that! Our items are either folding or easy to fit one on top of the other so you don’t need to use too much storage space. In fact, it’ll fit so well in the corner of your garage that you’ll literally forget about it till summer!

The HomeCouture extension tables mark the latest trend in table design, perfectly suitable for a memorable garden party. The preferred material used to produce our tables is powder-coated aluminum in different colors, with different fine-lining for a high-end finishing. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes from round to rectangular, with glass or polyester micro particles that complement the piece adding to its overall refinement.

Aiming to meet all needs, wants and have a product for all tastes, we have alternated light-weight aluminum with wood and woven wood when producing our indoor and outdoor furniture. Didn’t we say one-size-fits-all?  Oh, and did we also say some of our items are also available for hire? Drop by, say ‘hi’ and maybe buy (or hire)!